Our Father’s Heartbeat

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Deep within the heart of man is the desire to love and be loved. That love was birthed within man at the beginning of time by a Father whose desire was to have a family to share His love and life. All throughout the Bible, the heart of the Father is revealed through His commitment and love for His children. Within the Father is a love so powerful that each beat of His heart is a beacon drawing us homeward.

Our Father never intended for us to become separated from Him. What happened within the Garden cut to His very heart and, from that moment onward, His intent was to have His children back home with Him forever.

The Bible is the story of that journey home, from its heart-wrenching beginning to its epic conclusion. No Hollywood film could ever touch this kind of intrigue, romance, deception, and plot twists, along with its heroes, heroines, and notorious villains.

Many of us have never realized how much our Father in Heaven loves us, nor do we know how much He longs for us to be home with Him once again.

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