Smith Wigglesworth and New Zealand’s Greatest Revival

Smith Wigglesworth and New Zealand’s Greatest Revival by H. V. Roberts (Purchase this book through our bookstore or, TODAY!)

After the great Campaign a party of us took our beloved brother to the Marlborough Sounds for a well earned rest.  Walking along the sea shore one evening I asked him the secret of his success.  “Ah!”  He said in a broken voice and with tears slowly trickling down his face, “I am sorry you asked me that question, but I will answer it.”

“I am a brokenhearted man.  My wife who meant everything to me, died eleven years ago.  After the funeral I went back and lay on her grave.  I wanted to die there.  But God spoke to me and told me to rise up and come away.  I told Him if He would give to me a double portion of the Spirit—my wife’s and my own—I would go and preach the Gospel.  God was gracious to me and answered my request.  But I sail the high-seas alone.  I am a lonely man, and many a time all I can do is to weep and weep.”  Here was a secret indeed.

Not many men tell the story of a revival better than Pastor H. V. Roberts.  It has been 80 years since the New Zealand Revival and 51 years since the book first came out in print.  Learn what it was like to walk and minister alongside of a man who few men knew nor remembered better.

Sole  rights have been granted by the family of Pastor H. V. Roberts to the Ministry of Rex and Lois Burgher to print and distribute this book in the United States. 


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