Endorsements from our friends

Randy & Rex in Mozambique

Dr. Randy Clark of Global Awakening:

” John Wimber had Blaine Cook, David had Johnathan, Paul had Timothy and I have had Rex. A man who knows not defeat, Rex has the tenacity to continue onward through the difficult times into the promises of God for himself and his family. Sacrificing his job, home, and personal life, Rex has traveled with me for 3 years. It has been a veritable roller coaster ride throughout those years, but I’m happy to say we have both weathered the storms. Now I have the great honor of speaking in detail of my good friend.

Rex Burgher is a servant of God, first and foremost; although he’ll tell you being a loving husband to Lois, his wife of 25 years, comes in a close second. Rex is a man who is saturated with the glory of God. The fruits of the Spirit abound in his life. The Lord gave him Lois to instill faithfulness; He gave him two wonderful daughters, Krista and Tonya, to teach him patience. In retrospect, it appears that God has put Rex on the “fast track” to spiritual maturity. Rex, an already successful businessman, came to me eager for more.

Intrinsically, Rex knew that his purpose was for a different calling. He quickly abandoned his career to pursue the Kingdom of God. No longer was he just to support the evangelist and missionary, now he was to become one.

Rex, over the years, has flowed in the same anointing I have; he’s witnessed numerous healings and has been used by God to quicken the Holy Spirit into a meeting. Rex has heard the same “faith-building” testimonies that I have and has ministered along side of me to the orphans in Mozambique. The Lord has given him an uncanny ability to relate to the hurting and broken. From his personal experience, he draws empathy for the unsatisfied, those who want and desire more. There is no other person I would more enthusiastically recommend than Rex Burgher.

I entreat Pastors, thirsty for more revelation, to invite Rex and Lois to speak at your church. No one has sacrificed more, and thus, received more blessing than Rex and his family. I am not selling you a past employee; I am sharing my deep affection for a good friend. I hope, out of that, you hear my commitment to, and love for, Rex Burgher. I admonish you to not be complacent. Please, do not settle! You need to reach a new level, overcome your current plateau, and Rex, he is the one to take you there.”


Bill Johnson

“When the Spirit of God fell upon Rex and Lois Burgher, it was similar to the time when Elijah placed his mantle on the shoulders of a young farmer, Elisha. That young man was so determined to be used by God he sacrificed his oxen and abandoned everything to go and serve the prophet. Rex and Lois have responded with the same fervor and determination. Having left all they have faithfully served Randy Clark and the Global Awakening Team in ministry all over the world. In doing so they have come into their own inheritance for ministry. I heartily commend them to you as effective ministers of the gospel, as servants of the man of God, and as friends.”

Pastor Bill Johnson, Bethel Church — Assembly of God Redding, California
(Apostolic leader with one of the most anointed healing ministries in the United States today) Bethel Church, Assembly of God Redding, California


Rolland, Rex & Heidi in Maputo

“Heidi and I have the joy of spending much rich time with Rex in the intensity, fire and hard work of bush revival in Africa. We know that Jesus has given Rex and his wife Lois a terrific heart for the Lord. They long to see Him glorified, and to be put into His service to pave the way for that to happen wherever they go. They diligently seek him, always learning and pressing forward, and so are able to minister to others, passing on the maturity that they themselves have learned over many years of experience.

Rex and his teams have poured out their hearts and lives in Africa with us. We have seen their love and work, and we commend their ministry to all who want to grow as much as possible in their walk with Jesus”.

Rolland & Heidi Baker, Iris Ministries Mozambique