Ministry Policy

Ministry Policy



We appreciate your understanding of the need for us to be specific on our ministry policy. We are honored to be a part of speaking and praying for you and your people.


  • Expenses for travel, accommodation and meals for Rex and Lois are to be paid for by the meeting sponsors.  Cost of automotive travel is .54/mile to the church and back to Harrisburg. If flying, the cost is divided between churches or ministries if we are speaking at more than one place.
    Holding an event of this nature should be thought of as a partnership between the hosting church or churches and Kingdom Life Ministry. We come to unselfishly pour ourselves out to the local church. The church in return is the beneficiary of all that transpires during the meetings which often includes; a refreshed congregation and staff, new converts and those who are healed, body, soul and mind. Because of this partnership we ask that the church personally cover all the cost of transportation, meals and lodging  and that all offerings be given to Kingdom Life Ministry in there entirety.


  • Unless specified, Rex and Lois ask that you provide us with accommodations at a hotel and that you have made prior financial arrangements for the payment of the room. (Note: meetings often require arriving early and leaving very late. It has been our experience that having Rex & Lois reside in hotels is less taxing and also gives them the needed time to relax, pray and prepare.)


  • If driving from Harrisburg they will use their own vehicle, note: travel expense reimbursement.
  • If arriving by airplane, transportation cost is to be reimbursed to us by the meeting sponsors, preferably before we arrive. Either the use of a rental or loaner vehicles provided by meeting sponsors or the use of volunteers to provide transportation is acceptable.  (Note: Rex & Lois will be bringing two large suitcases as well as computer bag.)


  • We ask that a free will offering or honorarium be taken during their time with you. We prefer if possible that one check be made for offering and another check be made out for transportation and be given to Rex or Lois before departure. (We prefer however that air transportation be prepaid before we arrive). On Sunday mornings you may either give a predetermined honorarium or take a second offering after your regular tithe, whichever way is comfortable to you will be acceptable to us but if by honorarium we ask that you let us know the amount before we arrive.
  • Please let us know however if you wish to do things differently than what is mentioned above.


  • Meeting sponsors will provide a master copy of each session in which Rex and Lois speaks at no cost. Rex and Lois Burgher will have permission to duplicate/use as he determines. Prior permission from Rex and Lois Burgher must be obtained to duplicate and sell taped sessions.


  • Meeting sponsors are asked to provide a table in an easily accessible area for the display and sale of teaching materials and products.

We will also need: Volunteers to administrate product sales.