Our Story

Rex and Lois’s story reverberates in the hearts of all those who desire to be used by God.  Their lives speak of one’s who dare to stand up boldly to declare a message that overcoming the obstacles that life throws at you is achievable.

Being born in South Dakota and raised in the Black Hills you could get the feeling that you have been left out of the mainstream of life’s opportunities.  But that was not to be the case for them.   Even though Rex is six years older than Lois God still managed to bring them together and now they are celebrating their 43rd year of marriage.  They have two beautiful daughters that are married to two exceptional young men and have six grandchildren.  Both couples are in full-time ministry serving the Lord with complete abandonment.

Lois was raised in the Free Methodist Church and at an early age found herself very tender towards the moving of the Holy Spirit.  Though her mother was a very Godly and hard-working saint it did not save Lois from experiencing a difficult childhood.  Her father struggled with a promiscuous lifestyle that eventually led to her parents marrying and divorcing each other twice.  This catapulted Lois into rebelling from God, turning to the hippie lifestyle that was so prevalent at the time.

This could easily have been the end of the story but God had other plans for Lois.  Her message is one of hope and restoration.  To the hundreds of people that have heard her testimony many have been encouraged and inspired by her gentle voice and her assuredness of God’s love and that he will be there for them gently leading them back home once again.  Through it all Lois’s mother remarried to a very godly man who brought her mother great happiness in her life for almost 30 years.  Her natural father, before he passed away with Alzheimer’s, realized the pain and sorrow he had caused and because of Lois’s forgiving him brought him to a place where he was able to apologize for not being a good father and husband.

Rex on the other hand had no church background to speak of at all.  At the age of 10 a neighbor lady asked if she could take Rex and his brother to a Pentecostal church for Vacation Bible School.  It was during that time that Rex first heard and read the stories about Jesus.  He has felt that he must have made a decision for Jesus at that time but because his parents did not attend church it faded into little more than a memory to him but to Jesus it was a promise worth dying for.

Getting involved in the drug scene in the late 60’s and 70’s Rex led a wildlife.  He also managed to own his own construction company though it had its ups and downs.  Accepting or recommitting Jesus into his life in 1981 was very dramatic for Rex as God came powerfully upon him with signs and wonders convincing him that God was very real.  This led him into delving into the word of God and seeking after a fuller revelation of the Godhead.  Finding himself a Charismatic in an Evangelical household was difficult and after 10 years God led him to a like-minded body of believers.  Their business, which was struggling before, also came into great favor becoming very successful.

In 1979 they moved to northwest Montana where they lived for 20 years.  Shortly after their arrival in Montana Lois rededicated her life to the Lord and Rex was saved through Evangelism Explosion. They attended the Church of God, Anderson in Eureka, Mt. for approximately 10 years. It was a time of studying the word inside and out, a very needed experience that helped them later in their lives.

They moved in 1989 to Kalispell, Montana where they owned a beautiful farm overlooking Glacier Park and attended a Christian & Missionary Alliance Church.  It was from there in 1995 that they went to Kelowna, BC and were powerfully touched of God in what is now referred to as “The Father’s Blessing.”  They returned to Montana and were instrumental in lighting fires of renewal throughout the western part of the state.  This fire of renewal led to weekly renewal meetings at their church where God touched thousands of people.

Seeking a greater understanding of this move of God they traveled much after 1995. Still they had time to help plant two churches in the Kalispell area and work with hundreds of youth on Sunday evenings.  By a series of ‘God moves’ they found themselves in 1997 coming into contact with Randy Clark, the man chosen by God to light the fire in Toronto in January of 1994.

In the spring of 1999 they traveled with Randy Clark and Bill Johnson to Argentina and Brazil. Forming a friendship on the trip Rex met with Randy a few weeks later in Redding, CA at Bill Johnson’s church where Randy asked Rex to travel with him full time and work alongside him.  It came to a head when Randy asked Rex to teach a segment of his morning schedule.  While Rex was sharing at the end of the teaching about how the cost of following Jesus might lead to your, ‘Selling the farm’, the Holy Spirit fell on Rex very powerfully.  Bill mentioned to Randy that it was significant when the spirit falls on a person in such a manner.  Especially interesting is that Rex & Lois owned a small farm at the time outside of Kalispell, MT.  And soon after that, like Elisha of old Rex & Lois sold everything to follow God and thus began a new and great adventure.

In the three years time that they traveled with Randy they had been to over 12 countries on 5 continents, traveling close to 220 days a year.  Together they experienced some of the most amazing things in this move of God. One such trip took them into Mozambique where one of the most powerful moves of God in our history is taking place through the ministry of Rolland & Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries. Another trip involved traveling into China where they were smuggled around the country giving them the opportunity to interview the top 5 leaders of one of the underground churches’ biggest home groups with over 25 million under their care. What they have seen and learned makes the stories they tell priceless.

In 2000 they moved to St. Louis, MO. to work closer with Randy and the following year they again moved to Harrisburg, PA where they now live.

Rex and Lois now travel internationally leading seminars on such subjects as healing, words of knowledge and deliverance. The fire of revival has not waned in their lives, as it is not unusual for signs and wonders to accompany their meetings.  They love to pray for the sick and lay hands on people for the stirring up of the gifts within them.  They have seen many miracles and have been used to dramatically change many churches that have a desire for the fire of God. Holding renewal services they impart to many the same fire that came upon them during their trip to Kelowna in 1995.

Their meetings bring a strong prophetic message, direction, and order to this present move of God. They also bring understanding and insight into the problems associated with revival when it comes upon a church. Sharing a vast knowledge of past revivals and their effects as well as the present movement that is sweeping the earth.

It is their passion to see people renewed and healed in God’s love and holiness.  To be instruments used to bring God’s fire, and to make a radical difference for Jesus in people’s individual lives, to cities, and to nations.  Many are impressed by their accessibility, warmth, compassion and easy style of speaking that makes the listener feel encouraged, loved and accepted and desiring to be one’s that overcome the problems of life looking toward the future and not living in the past.

But this isn’t the end of the story, currently they sense the greatest of adventures has just arisen and now they are setting sail on another season of incredible experiences.  Why don’t you come along with them and be apart of a grand adventure.