In 1995 Rex & Lois were radically touched by the Holy Spirit at a conference in Kelowna, BC called ‘Let The River Flow’ where John Wimber was the main speaker.  It is true that “Opportunity once passed is lost forever,” and the spark that was started within them quickly became an unquenchable fire that took them into situations and places that only the wind of the Spirit could have accomplished.

Upon there return home they were instrumental in starting weekly revival meetings in Northwest Montana at the Christian & Missionary Alliance church they attended.  It was a time in their lives where they plunged deeply into the current of Revival.  For them to stand shivering on the bank, timid or paralyzed at such a time, was to them an unthinkable thing to do.  It reminded them of the first song they had sung together for a ‘special’ shortly after they were saved, “We have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back.”

Because of this tremendous outpouring of revival and the subsequent problems associated with it they traveled extensively around the United States and Canada seeking insight into revival when it comes upon a church. This searching led them to travel assisting Randy Clark, the pastor used to start the “Toronto Blessing” for three years. Traveling over 220 days a year in over twelve countries enabled them to see first hand the affects of this current outpouring as well as ministering alongside of some of the most influential individuals in this move of God.

Because God provided them with such incredible opportunities it is no wonder that their meetings bring a strong prophetic message, direction and order to this present move of God. They share a vast knowledge of past revivals and there effects, bringing a loving understanding to many people who have been touched by this current outpouring.

God is still using them mightily as they travel the globe imparting the Father’s Blessing, bringing healing, deliverance and a fresh impartation of the Holy Spirit to all they come in contact with.  The most exciting part is this, “There is still much more!”