Our Father’s Heartbeat by Rex Burgher $11.99 + Free S/H USA

Come along on an adventure into the heart of our Father. From the breathtaking days of creation to the epic return of Jesus, you will be introduced to the original Heartbeat of home. Learn the lies and deception that Satan uses to rob you of your destiny, along with the sin nature that rules the non-believer and plagues the believer. This is a powerful story of a Father’s love for His children, how they were separated from Him, and the epic journey to bring them home again!



When the Fire Falls by Rex & Lois Burgher $11.99 + Free S/H USA

People falling over. Holy laughter sweeping a room. A power outage that shut down a city – but protected an intimate ‘confession time for hundreds of pastors’. Glowing twigs. Healings. Demons cast out. Individuals set free of issues and guilt that had crippled them for decades. The poor cared for. The hungry fed. The weak encouraged. Young and old, touched in supernatural ways. A revival that spread from Toronto to Kelowna to Montana to Philadelphia to Kiev to Sao Paulo and dozens of places in between. Rex and Lois Burgher have seen God move in powerful, extraordinary ways. With a humble spirit, genuine curiosity, and a sense of reverent awe, the Burgers have traveled the world and seen what happens when God comes in power. Featuring a foreword by Dr. Randy Clark, When the Fire Falls tells the Burgher’s story – how God saved them, blessed them, transformed them, and used them to help others. It is a love letter to their tender Father, thanking Him for His blessings and His revival, and will inspire you to dig deeper than eve before – seeking out God’s next great move both in your own lives and in the lives of everyone around you.



Journey To Your Kingdom Destiny by Rex Burgher $11.99 + Free S/H USA

God always has a plan! A plan for your life that is so unique that the place in which you were born, the era in which you live, and even your current profession are perfectly matched to enrich the Journey to Your Kingdom Destiny. So many people feel the mistakes they made or the unfair consequences of what others have done have negated them from reaching the destiny that God originally intended for their lives. The roadmap to keep us on course is still available. If we do not realize that the journey to our destiny contains all of the successes and failures that we experience in life, we can easily find ourselves wandering aimlessly through life, constantly overwhelmed by a false sense of destiny–a destiny that makes us a slave to the circumstances of life. Come along n a journey of discovery towards God’s purpose and destiny for your life. Welcome back to your Kingdom Destiny!



Freedom From Troubling Spirits, by Lois Burgher $5.99 + Free S/H USA

For over 30 years Lois has been used around the world to teach, impart and take people through to freedom. Her calm demeanor and fresh style is a reminder to all of us that through the Great Commission we are all called to set the captives free and we can do it without raising our voices.



Ten Step Method Card – $3.00 + Free S/H USA

This two-sided card fits neatly within the pages of your Bible where it can be easily be accessed. It shows you how to calmly and efficiently assist the Holy Spirit in getting a person free from any and all troubling spirits. Just follow the ten steps and you will be amazed at how easy it is to get someone set free.



Smith Wigglesworth, New Zealand’s Greatest Revival, by H. V. Roberts – $9.99 + Free S/H USA

Not many men tell the story of a revival better than Pastor H. V. Roberts. It has been 100 years since the New Zealand Revival and 71 years since the book first came out in print. Learn what it was like to walk and minister alongside of a man who few men knew nor remembered better. “It is not often that a book is found that contains personal insights into the life and ministry of an individual while in the midst of a move of God upon a country. Priceless!” Pastor Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding, CA



Keys to Health & Wholeness by Rex & Lois Burgher – $19.99 + Free S/H USA

Why wait to have the emotionally satisfying and healthy life you truly desire? Kingdom Life Ministries School; ‘Keys to Health & Wholeness’ explores the connection between the mind; body and spirit that can mean the difference between struggling to survive and a life well lived. Few realize that our life in Christ comes with a ‘Health Plan’ enabling you to live a more vibrant, pain-free, disease-free life in body, mind and spirit. Come with us as we model, impart and empower believers by equipping them to reproduce the supernatural ‘Health Plan’ that the Holy Spirit can bring about in your life. Jesus says in John 3:16, “that whoever believes in him, (Jesus) shall not perish but have eternal life”. I know that each individual that has accepted Jesus as his personal Savior knows in their heart that they shall one day spend all of eternity with Jesus. The gift of eternal life is a very precious gift and is better that any ‘life insurance’ plan that we could ever purchase here on earth. But Jesus also said in John 10:10, “I came that you may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows”. Amplified Bible. I wonder how many of us would say that we ‘have and enjoy life’, and have it in abundance? How many of us have wondered how much the emotional and physical stress that we experience each and every affects our health? Kingdom Life Ministries School: “Keys to Health & Wholeness” explores the many facets of this wonderful life we have the blessing to be a part of. Jesus came, lived, died and rose again so that we could be not only with him after we pass from this world but also so we could live our lives to the fullest while here!


Leaves of Healing Manual – $10.00 + Free S/H USA

This manual equips you in how to ‘Heal the Sick’, ‘Receive and Give Words of Knowledge’, and get people ‘Free from Troubling Spirits’. Giving you the basic knowledge needed for anyone who is interested in praying for the sick and seeing results.