Our Father's Heartbeat 6 x 9Our Father’s Heartbeat by Rex Burgher      $11.99 + Free S/H USA

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“My favorite kind of book is one that is both inspiring and insightful.  But what seals the deal for me is when the book comes from the author’s personal journey.  Our Father’s Heartbeat by Rex Burgher is such a book.  It meets those requirements and then some.  This is a serious but joyful journey into the Father’s heart, which is the greatest resource of identity, pleasure, and purpose in the universe.  Rex skillfully lays out the plan of the ages, embracing the assignment that Jesus left us – reconcile people to the Father.  I believe this book will inspire and instruct.  But most of all, it will point you to the Father in a wonderfully fresh way.”                                         Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding, CA


When the Fire Falls When The Fire Falls, by Rex & Lois Burgher      $11.99 + Free S/H USA

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“I downloaded the manuscript to When The Fire Falls, by Rex and Lois Burgher a few hours ago.  I just finished reading it, because–I couldn’t put it down!  A line from the movie Field of Dreams, reminds us that “…We miss the most significant moments of our lives while they are happening to us.”  This book will produce a longing, a hunger and a desire to either return to a season you once enjoyed, or the desire for one you’ve always wanted.  When The Fire Falls is instructive, insightful and inspiring.  You will find your appetite whetted for revival and the need to press into the Father’s love.  I’ll read it again.    Bishop Joseph L. Garlington, Sr.  Senior Pastor, Covenant Church of Pittsburgh.


New Journey Journey To Your Kingdom Destiny, by Rex Burgher $11.99 + Free S/H USA

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“I love talking theories with people that have a strong creative gift. Exploring possibilities in thought is an adventure in itself; in fact, it precedes most every significant accomplishment. But I love even more the ideas that have come out of the fire, so to speak, and are proven to be more than theory: they are truth lived out. Such is the book, Journey to your Kingdom Destiny. The message contained in these pages was not merely penned in a classroom somewhere. Rather, it is the product of the “all or nothing” lifestyle that Rex and Lois Burgher committed themselves to so many years ago. And it has been a joy watching it unfold.  Their own vulnerability illustrates for us the plumb line Jesus established for us. Journey to Your Kingdom Destiny is sure to challenge and encourage the reader with much grace and strength, that each might come fully into their God-ordained destiny.”                              Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding, CA


CD Freedom From Troubling Spirits Small

Lois Burgher

Freedom From Troubling Spirits, by Lois Burgher  $5.99 + Free S/H USA

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For over 30 years Lois has been used around the world to teach, impart and take people through to freedom.  Her calm demeanor and fresh style is a reminder to all of us that through the Great Commission we are all called to set the captives free and we can do it without raising our voices.


   deliverance cards Part 1  Ten Step Method To Be Set Free From Troubling Spirits.   $3.00 + Free S/H USA

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This card utilizes the ten steps that Pablo Bottari developed in Argentina for the Carlos Annacondia Crusades.  It has been used on hundreds of thousands of people around the world and is one of the most effective methods for setting those in bondage free.  Having this in your Bible will give you the necessary tool that will enable you to calmly and thoroughly take a person through deliverance.


WigglesworthRickPickensSmith Wigglesworth, New Zealand’s Greatest Revival, by H. V. Roberts
$9.99 + Free S/H USA

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Not many men tell the story of a revival better than Pastor H. V. Roberts.  It has been 100 years since the New Zealand Revival and 71 years since the book first came out in print.  Learn what it was like to walk and minister alongside of a man who few men knew nor remembered better.

“It is not often that a book is found that contains personal insights into the life and ministry of an individual while in the midst of a move of God upon a country.  Priceless!”
Pastor Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding, CA


Keys to Health & Wholeness by Rex & Lois Burgher

Why wait to have the emotionally satisfying and healthy life you truly desire? Kingdom Life Ministries School; ‘Keys to Health & Wholeness’ explores the connection between the mind; body and spirit that can mean the difference between struggling to survive and a life well lived. Few realize that our life in Christ comes with a ‘Health Plan’ enabling you to live a more vibrant, pain-free, disease-free life in body, mind and spirit. Come with us as we model, impart and empower believers by equipping them to reproduce the supernatural ‘Health Plan’ that the Holy Spirit can bring about in your life. Jesus says in John 3:16, “that whoever believes in him, (Jesus) shall not perish but have eternal life”. I know that each individual that has accepted Jesus as his personal Savior knows in their heart that they shall one day spend all of eternity with Jesus. The gift of eternal life is a very precious gift and is better that any ‘life insurance’ plan that we could ever purchase here on earth. But Jesus also said in John 10:10, “I came that you may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows”. Amplified Bible. I wonder how many of us would say that we ‘have and enjoy life’, and have it in abundance? How many of us have wondered how much the emotional and physical stress that we experience each and every affects our health? Kingdom Life Ministries School: “Keys to Health & Wholeness” explores the many facets of this wonderful life we have the blessing to be a part of. Jesus came, lived, died and rose again so that we could be not only with him after we pass from this world but also so we could live our lives to the fullest while here!


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