Journey Down The River

Journey Down The River,  by Rex Burgher

         Since 1995 I have had the privilege of living in an incredible experience of God’s manifest presence. When we were touched by God so powerfully at that time we literaly shook under the anointing for months and months. Visions and dreams along with amazing opportunities to pray for people came to us one right after the other filling our lives with a bounty of experiences. We were and still are very much living with a ‘book of Acts’ experience.

Later when many were experiencing a decrease in experiences the Lord gave us the privilege of traveling with Randy Clark and Global Awakening propelling us around the world.  For three years it became a daily experience to pray for many people living in an anointing that very few people get to experience on a daily basis. Now that Lois and I are out on our own ministering we have continually felt the river of His presence in our lives.

Because of this I wanted to share with you some insights into living under the anointing while fighting to have a personal relationship with our Father.  I really want you to realize that there is a difference in being in a continual anointing while ministering and being in personal relationship.  They are really two different things altogether.  When you operate in your gifting God puts an anointing on His work that He is doing through you. That anointing is not a substitute for a relationship with the Father.  There is a similarity between the two, both can be a physical experience that can be felt but that is as close as they come in comparison.

When I was touched so powerfully in May of 1995 two things happened to me. One was that I received a personal revelation of the Father’s love for me. I did fall in love with Him all over again, to tell you the truth it may have been that I saw Him for the first time because I cannot remember ever loving Him so much.  It was truly a restoration of my ‘first love’.

The second thing that occurred was an incredible anointing came on the gifting that God had so blessed me with during the first 14 years of my walk with Him. It seemed like I was raised from grade 3 to college level prayer when it came time to praying for the sick.  The depth of revelation in dreams and visions also increased as if I passed from looking through a glass darkly to seeing with incredible clarity.  From that day forward I enjoyed an incredible feeling of swimming in liquid love every time I ministered in His name.

Sadly though, as I think many of us do, we find the anointing of gifting easier to maintain than the anointing that comes from friendship. After all isn’t it the same? The answer is really quite simple, no it isn’t the same. The cries from those standing off to the side saying, “When are you going to get up off the floor and do something?” really did mess with our heads.  After all isn’t this what we were waiting for all along? To go and heal the sick, raise the dead and do the ‘stuff’ as John Wimber used to say. When the 72 came back an exclaimed about the anointing they were under Jesus put it in perspective when he said “Do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are in heaven!”  Luke 10:17-20

Probably the easiest way of saying it is this way, even if you had the anointing of a gifted story teller as TD Jakes or the anointed prophetic gifting of a Cindy Jacobs or the blessing of being know as one who fans the flames of revival like Randy Clark it still comes down to the basics, can you climb into the lap of the one who loves you, look into His eyes and find your perfect rest.  It doesn’t really matter if you are used greatly or not, falling into love and abiding continually in that love is what is great, neglecting your love is heartbreaking.

I have heard it exclaimed from those around the world who are used mightily by God that they are dry and in need of another infilling from God.  Why is it that we are so surprised when we hear them say this? From the greatest to the smallest the challenge has always been the same, God chooses intimacy over ministry every time. That is why Jesus said to the people in Matthew 7:23 concerning those who chose anointing over relationship,

(And do you know what I am going to say? “You missed the boat. All you did was use me to make yourselves important. You don’t impress me one bit. You’re out of here.’) (The Message)

There is a yearning in our hearts for ‘papa’ to hold us. My desire and my prayer are as one, God if you should ever visit me powerfully again I will choose you over all else.  Intimacy and relationship first and foremost, love for my wife which is pure and honoring comes out of intimacy with my Father, followed by love for my children.  Then Lord may I not forget to minister to those you send me to and not to think that the ministry should be put before all else.  Help me to keep it in perspective otherwise I will choose the anointing of doing the ‘stuff’ for God over the anointing of being with my God.

If I never do another thing may I be known as one who loves the Lord my God with all his heart, soul and mind.                                       Daddy I love you so much.

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