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2018-The Keys to Awareness & Restoration

January 2, 2018

Everyone, to some degree, is interested in what the Holy Spirit has/is revealing to the church concerning the year ahead.  I find most revelations fall into one of two categories, either everything is coming up roses or it’s the end of the world.  It seems like there are just not many middle of the road… Read More ›

How to change the way we see!

Every year Christmas seems to arrive a little bit sooner than it had the previous year and yet when it is over we are amazed at how fast the time went by.  Afterwards, we make a mental note reminding us not to become so overwhelmed by all the activity that we forget to keep Jesus… Read More ›

How Well Do We Really See?

When you look at the picture on the right do you see a young woman or an old woman?  Interestingly enough many can see only one or the other.  With practice it is possible to see both but to do so you have to focus your eyes on a neutral area.  If you see only… Read More ›

Destroying The Enemy Within

Years ago there was a comic strip written by Walt Kelly whose main character, ‘Pogo’ introduced us to a phrase that so captured man’s humanity that it has become a main stay in pop culture.  In the cartoon ‘Pogo’ stands looking at his self in a full-length mirror, while the caption above his reflection reads,… Read More ›


The other day I went to the movie ‘Dunkirk’ with my son-in-law.  Although we planned on arriving late, hoping to miss all the commercials that theaters are now showing, we soon realized we could easily have arrived later because we were barraged with close to twenty-five minutes of previews of movies that I had no… Read More ›

Sixteen verses discovered missing from the word of GOD!

The first Bible I studied after becoming a Christian was Lois’s copy of the ‘Living Bible’.  I didn’t know much about Bibles other than the big white one my parents had stuffed into their bookcase.  It was full of ‘thee’s and thous’ which made reading it like reading an old Shakespearean play.  The Living Bible… Read More ›

The ‘slow death’ of a Nation!

Like others I have wondered for years as to why there does not seem to be any reference in the Bible concerning our nation as it pertains to the end of days.   I even went so far as to wonder if our nation had suffered a major natural disaster or had been invaded by another… Read More ›

A Revival that Last!

As most of you may know, our family was touched powerfully in 1995 at a conference in Kelowna, BC.  Because of what happened and how dramatically it affected us, I became a student of past and present revivals.  As the years passed, I began to collect and pour over as much information as I could… Read More ›

You Take the Red Pill…and…You Stay in Wonderland!

I remember the first morning after I had given my heart to Jesus.  I had gone outside of our Montana home and was standing looking at the Canadian Rockies to the north when I became aware that something was different.  It wasn’t the view of mountains in the distance or the warmth of the morning… Read More ›

The note said…‘MORE TO FOLLOW’

A story was told of a man who decided to send two thousand dollars cash to a man who was in need and thinking it was too much to send all at once by mail he decided to send two hundred dollars in a letter, along with a note which simply said, “More to follow.” … Read More ›

A Love Worth Fighting For!

We are called to be warriors of the most high God and yet we are also called to be ambassadors of God’s love.  Two seemingly opposite yet foundational themes, found throughout the scriptures, which describes our role as children of God.  If we have been called to be ‘God’s Warriors of Love’ it would be… Read More ›

You’re Not From Around Here

          Twenty-five years ago a book came out entitled, ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ it was intended to deal with the complicated relationships between men and women.  And though it did give us a different perspective and a few good quotes that one could chuckle over it only scratched the surface of… Read More ›

2017 – A Year of Unpredictability!

As I prayed over the New Year I sensed in my spirit that this is going to be a very aggressive year for everyone around the world.  As fast paced and unpredictable as last year was, this year will far surpass it as one event will hardly have a chance to be spoken of when… Read More ›

Thanksgiving Outreach, Philadelphia

I thought you would like to have a glimpse of the outreach we did in Philadelphia on the 19th.  If my memory serves me well I believe this is close to the eleventh year we have given out turkeys and groceries in Philadelphia for Thanksgiving.  I don’t know if you can see it or not… Read More ›

The Power of His Compassion Made Manifest in a Tear!

A story is told of a house of ill repute where there lay a poor woman whose body was racked with the diseases common to her profession.  Various Christian workers had visited her and spoke to her of her need for salvation.  But the words fell on deaf ears.  She was unmoved and untouched by… Read More ›

Sometimes there’s more to life than what’s on the surface!

Ten years ago we flew to Europe to take part in our first European ministry trip.  Our flight took us over Iceland and I remember looking down from the plane at these rather huge chunks of ice floating in the water below.  Even from such a great distance in the air they still looked quite… Read More ›

Have You Met the Wrestling Angel?

Of all the angels mentioned in the Bible this angel is one you will meet at some point in your life and the outcome of that meeting will make all the difference.  But to really understand the importance of this angel we must go to Genesis 32: 22-30 where we get our first real glimpse… Read More ›

I’d like a do-over on that Change/Transparency thing!

If there were two words that captured the essence of our political, economical and spiritual climate in 2008 they would be the words ‘change and transparency.’  It was plastered across every banner, found behind every political candidate, and laced throughout the words of almost every prophetic voice.  It became the mantra of 2008 and now… Read More ›


I heard a commentator, just before the two candidates came out to begin their debate, describe them both as being the worst candidates in the history of our country to have ever run for the office of President of the United States.  Sadly, this does not seem to faze either of the two candidates but… Read More ›

Carrying Your Burden

Once upon a time there was a Christian man who was walking along a road, carrying a very heavy burden.  Soon a vehicle pulled alongside of him and the driver kindly offered to help him on his journey.   The Christian accepted the offer but when seated in the vehicle, continued to bend beneath his burden,… Read More ›

Making The Choice – Comfort or Character

Victor Frankl was a psychiatrist and a Jew.  The Nazis imprisoned him in the death camps of World War II Germany, where he experienced things so repugnant to a normal person’s sense that he could scarcely reduce them to words. Frankl’s parents, brother, and wife died in the camps or were murdered in the gas… Read More ›

Is The United States on Trial?

Blind Eyes and Deaf Ears Two things stood out to me this past month that I found interesting and I sensed were prophetically tied together.  One was an old movie I watched on Turner Classic Movies called, Judgment at Nuremberg, which loosely follows an actual trial that took place in Nuremberg.  The plot centers, around… Read More ›


Suddenly!           I was tired, 7 meetings in 5 days will do that to you and if you are the entire prayer team then you notice that you will often have to pray for everyone, and sometimes twice. I had worked my way to the back of the church and had just prayed for the… Read More ›

Journey Down The River

Journey Down The River,  by Rex Burgher          Since 1995 I have had the privilege of living in an incredible experience of God’s manifest presence. When we were touched by God so powerfully at that time we literaly shook under the anointing for months and months. Visions and dreams along with amazing opportunities to pray… Read More ›

Am I Crazy If I Talk To Myself?

Volume 13 – Issue 167               August 2016 Am I Crazy If I Talk To Myself? The other day I was sitting at a red light when I looked over and noticed this guy in the car next to me talking a mile a minute, while being very animated.  The only problem was there was no… Read More ›