God’s Plan For Your Life

Keys to Kingdom Liviny
Volume 12 – Issue 153            May – 2015


My personality is such that I find that I accomplish more if I have a plan.  To ensure that my plan succeeds, I keep a list of things I want to accomplish on my desk so that I stay focused and on course.  As Christians I wonder how many of us have a plan.  I find it hard to believe that any Christian would have a plan on how to become the worst Christian ever.  However, how many of us have a plan on how to become the best Christian ever! 

I know that God wants us to be aware of His plans for us, listen to what God says in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Now I can come up with many grandiose plans for my life but honestly, the plan that God has for me is the one that I want.

I realize that as born again Christians, the righteousness of God lives in us.  That means, we should have a strategy that has as its goal to be more ‘righteous’ conscious.  For this to happen it would be wise, if we looked at what it means to have the ‘righteousness of Christ’ fully manifested within us and then strive to overcome any ungodly patterns in our lives that would hinder God’s plan from happening.

What consistently shipwrecks a good plan is when we overly focus on the events of the past to such a degree that it jeopardizes our future.  I do believe that when we sin we need to be quick to repent of that sin.  Repenting does not mean covering it over it means recognizing what you did, confessing it and turning from what you did with a resolve that you will not do that ever again.

I know that many of us have confessed our sins, repented and turned from them. Much of the time we have repented in a general sense and not had heart-felt repentance and confession for specific demonic bondages. Perhaps a bondage to a sinful act that you had before you were a Christian was never confessed aloud or repented of and overcome by the blood of Jesus. It is like picturing a house that had many rooms, each room had been cleansed but one of the rooms you kept hidden in your heart and not allowed to be cleansed. This room is known by the enemy and kept as a potential weapon to be brought out against you at a later date.  Because you did not allow it to be cleansed, the enemy let it lie dormant in your life-giving you the impression that it had no power over you.  There were times it would surface and guilt and shame would wash over you reminding you that it had not been dealt with, but it quickly left giving you the impression that it was not that important and that you had it all under control.


There was a story of a man who took a young tiger and resolved to make a pet of it.  It moved about his house like a kitten, and grew up affectionate and gentle.  For a long time its savage, bloodthirsty nature seemed changed, and it was quiet and harmless.  However, one day the master was playing with his pet, when his hand was accidentally scratched and the beast tasted blood.  That taste aroused the nature within the tiger, and the ferocious animal flew on his master and tore him to pieces.

So it is with the passions and sins and lusts of our old natures, that are only petted and tamed, and allowed to stay in the heart.  Those old passions and sins still crouch at the door in treacherous lurking, and in some unguarded hour they will rise up in all their old savagery.  It is never safe to make pets of young tigers.  It is never safe to make pets of little sins.

Many people do not realize that a past sin can lay dormant for years.  We may think we have mastery over it but if we have never taken it to the cross and confessed in heart-felt repentance, renounced and broke its power over us we have made a pet out of it.  The enemy of our soul has known it was there for years but has not allowed the demon to bother the individual with it.  Many times when a person achieves a position of spiritual responsibility and status the demon is released to discredit the person.

A minister said once during a sermon, “Deal with your secret sins now….or they will be the death of you later.”  We may think that the tiger has become a tame and docile pet and will not be a threat, but think again for when the time is right the enemy will come to ruin your life, your family and your reputation.


There was a man who had an eagle which he had captured when it was young, and he brought up like a domestic fowl.  At length the owner was going away overseas and decided to give the eagle its freedom.  He brought it out of its enclosed place, and it walked about, but seemed to have no thought of flying away.  The man was disappointed.  At length he lifted the great bird and placed him on the highest wall around the garden.  It stood there a few moments, and then looked up toward the sun.

Suddenly it seemed to remember that it was an eagle, whose home was amide the crags and the cliffs.  A moment more and it lifted one wing, then the other, and was gone—soaring away into the blue of the sky.

I wonder how many Christians have become like that eagle, held captive by their own plans, using only the tactics this world has to offer, not knowing they have wings, and that their true destiny is in the plans their Lord has for them?  Let us begin to lift up our eyes to the hills,–there is our home.  We flourish when our eyes are on the King and His Kingdom.  Let us try our wings; as we were made to fly.  It is a desecration of life to live as if we were ruled by this world when we were created to be  ambassadors of the King of Kings.

Lord, if there are hidden sins within us that we have not dealt with, that the enemy is using now or in the future will use against us, I ask that you will reveal them to us so that we can be quick to confess, repent and renounce them.  We desire to be free of anything that would hinder our relationship with you and the plan that God has for our lives.

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