Character is not a FOUR Letter Word!

Keys to Kingdom Liviny
Volume 13 – Issue 163          April – 2016

I read an account the other day from a man who had the good fortune to be sitting with General Grant when a major-general in full uniform appeared and looking around he said with a twinkle in his eye; “Boys, I have a good story to tell.  I hope there are no ladies present.”  ‘No!” came the reply from the General as his eyes came to bear upon the man, “There are no ladies present but there are gentlemen present.”  This took the twinkle out of the eye of the major-general and ended his story before it could begin.  After reading the above story I presently find myself appalled at the lewd and offensive discourse that comes from those who want to lead this nation of ours.  Like so many others I am embarrassed that we seemingly cannot find one man or one woman of a nobler character that we can put our confidence in.  But I am also painfully aware that there so few gentlemen present that would have the courage to say, ‘NO!’ and silence the foolish discourse that is coming forth from those who are running for the office of President.

In our day and age it seems like those who seek to serve this great country of ours are more concerned with being served than serving.  Why is it that we search but cannot find one truly great person to fill the needs of the times we live in.  It has been said that the worth of a nation is found in the character of its great men and women. They said of George Washington that just catching sight of him from a distance inspired those who served him to do remarkable feats of courage.  Thomas Jefferson once wrote this concerning General Washington, “The confidence of the whole nation centers in you.”  Even Abraham Lincoln’s antagonist said of him, “That one felt the safest when his presence filled the room.”

We do not want someone to lead us who speaks only of themselves and of how they gained their fortune by shrewd manipulation and taking from others and says nothing of serving or giving.  Can we trust anyone whose claim of being a self-made person came at the expense of tearing others down to build themselves up?  Can a man be truly rich while making others poorer?  How seldom are the faces of those who have been successful, as the world rates success, be seen as sweet, serene, and beautiful.  Nature and spirit expresses itself in the face and manner the sentiment which rules the heart of the person.  So if their countenance is troubled and vulgar and their actions offensive then we must realize that we are in fact seeing and hearing the true heart and spiritual condition of the person.

Character is greater than all riches and is grander than any title that can be bestowed upon any person; it is greater than any career.  A person’s character is what is behind the motives of the individual whether it is from the pulpit, the corporate boardroom or the political arena.  There are many intellectually bright men and women in this country of ours and many will travel miles and stand in long lines to listen to them but would we travel even further to listen to one wise and Godly person.

I wonder what the children are learning and retaining from what is being said from those who seek to be leaders of this nation.  I would not doubt that they would have a false set of principals in which to measure success in life.  Success cannot be solely measured in power or wealth but in how to achieve true riches without money and do it without that which is popularly and falsely called success.  Pure and upright living and steady devotion and honor given to God are the surest foundations of any life worth living and are the building blocks that comprise a great nation.

The measure of a person is found in their likeness to Him that they serve and is in loving, compassion for the broken ones and in self-denying, and honesty that comes only from those who give their will over to Jesus of Nazareth.  A person’s life is not measured solely by what they do but by what they have become and by their fruit will they be judged.


I have been asked repeatedly who I am supporting for President.  Which has led me to wonder if this is as much of a test of our individual character and our nation’s character, than of any one person running for office?  If our character is made by the choices we make then who we choose will shape our individual and national character for years to come.  If insects can assume the color of the leaves and plants they feed upon, then the choices we make, the words we speak, the acts of our lives and those we associate with will become written upon the very texture of our being, transforming us into the very image of that which we were first appalled by.

If we make our decisions based on Godly character then we are prophesying over our own destiny.  If our hearts desire for this country is a return to Godly moral values then we cannot compromise those values by making decisions that are anything less than the very best.

Association with what is good can only produce good; and with deception only evil.  No matter how wishful, how hopeful or desperate we become in making our decision, their images will sooner or later appear in our faces and be witnessed through our conduct. May we be ones who know the fear of the Lord and live in His identity that is wrapped in His amazing love and may this be portrayed upon our faces and our very countenance.

There should be something in a person’s life greater than his occupation or his achievements; grander than all he has acquired; higher than genius, greater than fame.  Lawyers who knew Lincoln called him “perversely honest.”  Nothing could induce him to take the wrong side of a case, or to continue on that side after learning that it was unjust or hopeless.

It is true that God is love, and if those who are His children are to be the embodiment of that love then their character must be defined by that love.  I choose to seek out a person who has at their core the values that define that which is good and true.  A Christian nation is not made by man-made laws written upon paper and voted upon by man.  It is made by those who realize that God’s precepts do not change, for God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  It is said in Hebrews 8:10 that, “I will put my laws in their minds and write them on their hearts.”  Saying you’re a Christian does not make you a Christian any more than saying you are a duck makes you a duck.  Only those who do the will of the one who sent them are those who are true believers “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.”  Matthew 7:21.

Our prayer especially in this most important time is that we would study the word of God and listen to the Holy Spirit as He speaks to our hearts and that we would do our Father’s will.


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