Everyone likes to hear prophetic words that are uplifting.  We like it when they rhyme with the year, like ‘open gates in 2008’.  Now that has a nice ring to it, almost poetic.  It is hard to rhyme anything with 2019 so rather than attempt the impossible we thought the pictures below along with the following dialogue would help lead us into what we feel is the word for 2019.

This is your brain – This is drugs – This is your brain on drugs

OK let’s go over it one more time to refresh our memories.  Hold an egg up and say, “This is your brain.” now motion to the frying pan warming on your stove and add, “This is drugs.”  Now crack the egg and let it fall into the hot pan and as you watch it sizzle say, “This is your brain on drugs.”   Then look at yourself in the mirror and ask, “Any Questions?”

This drug awareness commercial was first shown in 1987 and though it lasted a mere fifteen seconds it turned out to be a simple yet effective anti-drug message.  Apparently however, it didn’t stick because if you haven’t noticed our entire nation has become fixated with the thought that legalizing recreational marijuana is going to somehow be beneficial to our society.

First we want you to realize that making marijuana legal is one DUMB idea and can only be compared with the medical profession telling us that opioids were not addictive. (and we know how that turned out).  From experience we can say without a doubt that marijuana is highly addictive and though not everyone who smokes pot will become a hard core pot smoker you really cannot tell how you will react to it over the long haul.  But no matter how it affects you, it will lead you into situations where you will compromise your health, integrity, moral values and make poor choices that you never would have made if you were not smoking pot.  You need to ask yourself what void is there that is missing within me that I believe smoking marijuana is going to fill?

It is true that while using pot you will have trouble with your memory, concentration and with your problem-solving skills.  So for those of you who would like to know what it is like to suffer from the early stages of Dementia or Alzheimer’s then this may be the drug of choice for you.  Surprisingly the two age groups that show the most significant rise in cannabis use are those fifty to fifty-nine and those sixty and older.  (Go figure!) These two groups are twenty times more likely to use marijuana.

We do believe that there are those who could benefit from over the counter medical marijuana.  Those that are going through Chemotherapy, Epilepsy, Anxiety, Multiple Sclerosis, Opioid withdrawals, etc. may benefit from its effects.   The difference between recreational and medical marijuana is this; recreational marijuana contains THC or the element that produces a ‘high’ whereas medical marijuana contains CBD so that when you’re taking it you do not feel as ‘high’ However this isn’t always true, medical marijuana can contain varying degrees of THC, so you can get high from it.

Did you know that for the first time since 1999 the life expectancy for US citizens decreased compared with citizens of other developed countries, and it can be tied directly to opioid overdoses?  In the late 1800’s, pharmaceutical companies began producing synthetic opioids and admitted ‘way back then’ that they were highly addictive.  Obviously the pharmaceutical companies ignored their own findings causing the United States to now lead the world in opioid use, consuming roughly 80% of all the world’s opioids.

Drug overdoses have become the leading cause of death for Americans younger than 50 years of age.  More die each year from the effects of opioids than from the combined deaths of influenza, pneumonia, kidney disorders, and vehicle and gun deaths.  Why in the world are we letting our state and federal governments legalize marijuana when they cannot even take care of the last nightmare that has been unleashed upon our friends, neighbors and families.  The major reason given behind the legalization and promotion of marijuana appears to be directly linked to how much money state governments will receive from the taxation associated with this new industry.  

Through Sorcery/Drugs the Nations Will Be Deceived!

We feel the Lord has us writing on this subject because we believe what is transpiring in our nation has the power to determine its course.  Within the Bible the word ‘sorcery’ is used fifteen times, seven times in the Old and eight times in the New Testament.  Four of them being in the book of Revelation.  In every instance outside of the book of Revelation sorcery has to do with witchcraft and those who practice magic but that changes in the book of Revelation to include medication, drugs, witchcraft, magic and includes the word (Pharmakeia) meaning Pharmacy.

In Revelation 9:21, “And they did not repent of their murders or their (drugs) sorceries or their sexual immorality or their thefts.” and further in 18:23 “The light of a lamp shall not shine in you anymore, and the voice of bridegroom and bride shall not be heard in you anymore. For your merchants were the great men of the earth, for by your (drugs)sorcery all the nations were deceived.” In these two verses ‘sorcery’ is defined by the Greek word ‘Pharmakeia’ meaning Pharmacy and includes; medication drugs, sorcery, witchcraft and magic.

Drugs are used by the demonic as a pathway into the mind and heart of an individual, influencing them till they are under their control.  In the book of Revelation the great tribulation will be a period when the use of Drugs, (legal and illegal), Sexual immorality (pornography) and Greed (lovers of money) will not be under any constraints.  In these last days we are admonished to stay sober and alert so that we, ‘the elect’ will not be deceived. How tragic it would be to be so deceived as to not be able to hear our bridegrooms voice anymore!

For the most part our Pharmaceutical industry and our Governmental representatives are comprised of individuals who have good intentions.  However, there are some who have allowed themselves to be influenced by demonic spirits and have become participants in creating demonic strongholds in individuals and nations through the use of drugs/sorcery.  In many cases our society has become so self-medicated and numb that it is failing to recognize what is good, right and true.

We feel the word for us in 2019 is to intentionally draw near to Him as He draws near to us.  To stay alert and be aware of the schemes of the enemy, but most of all we need to Prioritize knowing Him and His great unfathomable love for us.  In doing so we are then capable of ministering out of His kindness and anointing to the broken hearted and those the enemy has captured through his deceptive practices.  May we shine before men as His beloved sons and daughters who are tuning our ears to hear our bridegroom and bride and obey His voice.

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  1. Good word! I saw several very capable and intelligent students while in college in 1972 who became “ potheads” and dropped out of college. Their lives were really negatively affected by marijuana over use. I didn’t try it although my friends did. The fact that it was illegal and the law more enforced than drinking in college was enough of a deterrent to keep me from doing it. That concerns me today for teens in college in states where it’s legal. From classes we taught at CFC with materials from
    Dauphin Co. Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention- I learned how it actually coats brain cells and they die as it stays in the cells for months at a time- not leaving the system like alcohol. Of
    course too much alcohol also kills brain cells. It seems society is taking a relaxed everything goes attitude. Not sure that train can be stopped. But hopefully those who know God’s call on their lives as sons and daughters and the temple of God will realize the dangers and take care of their brain and overall health.


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