Don’t talk to me! I’m in Transition!

For a couple of years now we have been barraged with the word ‘change’.  But there is another word that I am hearing a lot of lately and that word is ‘transition’.  It seems like everywhere you go you hear words like change, shift and transition.  But as much as we hear the words, change and transition being used they are not the same.  They have very separate and distinct meanings.   Yes our world is changing, circumstances are shifting, and much like Charlie Brown we often go into another time of transition with ‘AAUGH’ dread.

The difference between the two is that change is often a one time occurrence or event while transition is the process of working through that change.  Change may come through moving, a new job or even the death of a love one.  With each change you go through you also go through a process of letting go of the old and coming to grips with the new.   As a woman you may become pregnant, which is definitely a change and with that change you go through a time of transitioning into a completely new lifestyle.  What most of us experience in the transitional stage is the process of going from what we have become accustomed to, to something we are not to sure about.  Yet!

As a nurse and mother I have come to learn that the word transition in the birthing process is the point where the birthing mother becomes unreasonable, and wants to entirely give up on the whole process.  It is the pressing through, the perseverance, and the prize that keep the mother going on until new birth enters into this world.  That is why it cannot be underestimated at this time the importance to receive the encouragement and help of others to keep going and to keep pushing!

So if we are indeed in this ‘transitional time’ let us recognize it, as we continue to press onward and never stop encouraging and spurring each other onward to the prize that awaits us.  Some of us know what this new birth may look like, and some of us have no idea what is ahead. But in any event our Lord tells us to:  “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.  Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and shun evil.” Proverbs 3: 5-7

One of the things I see a lot of us doing especially since many of us are feeling and living in this transitional stage, is learning how to enjoy and live life to it’s fullest each and every day.

The danger with beginning to look for the new thing is that we may look beyond and not open our eyes to the very opportunities, gifts and precious times that God brings us every morning.  It is great to anticipate what is ahead but even more I feel the Holy Spirit urging me to learn to live in the moment as well as trusting Him for my future.

I guess you can say that our lives are continually being lived in a state of transition.  Because of this we need to develop skills that will enable us to cope with a lifestyle of transition.  Transition is not to be dreaded because we believe that we must let go of the past but rather it is an exciting adventure that can lead us to new and creative ways in which we may live our lives.

In my experience transition begins to occur internally and separate from any outward change.  We realize that in every season of life there is a challenge and a choice to embrace the season with anticipation and grace in knowing He is our source of joy and strength in every stage of life.  Once we have transitioned the whole process in our minds and give all to Him we are ready to make the ‘change’.

Six ways in which to have a smooth transition!

  1. If words like change, shift and transition are naturally a part of our lives then we need to recognize when we are in a season of change. Not denying it will help make the journey easier and a bit smoother.
  2. Recognizing that you are in a season of change gives you a time to ‘shift’ to a time of reflection and anticipation of what will come next. A time for you to get in touch with what is really important  in this life. It is a time to look at the bigger picture to see if you are still on the right path.  Sometimes we have strayed off the path God has intended for us and we may be at a dead end.
  3. Most of us try to figure out our problems and become consumed with trying to get answers to things that we may never figure out on our own. That is why surrendering to the process of transition is very important.  Often times when we surrender is when we get the most clarity into the ‘why’ of things.
  4. The worst thing we can do is get into the pattern of negative thinking and ask ourselves the same old questions over and over.  We need to actively pull down old strongholds and ways of thinking through the power of the Holy Spirit alive within us.  He always brings hope and life and  if we  seek Him  he is more than willing to give you the answers you desire.
  5. Often times we go through the first door that opens before us and begin to build a home rather than use it as a clue to discover the direction He is leading us in and trust in Him to direct our paths.
  6. In making transitional decisions ask for Godly wisdom and wait till you sense and confirm through His discernment and unction a new course of action.

Every step we make towards maturing in Him
and going towards His destiny
for us…He delights in.

              There are so many natural transitions in life and as much as we are apprehensive of them, changes must come.  We are reminded of the delight of watching the transitions of our young grandchildren.  From pure infancy to playing soccer, baseball and ballet—you know we are really delighting in every part of it and urging them on. That is a picture of our heavenly Father towards us for He delights in us, His children.

 He is rooting us on, rooting us on from the beginning to the very end.  He is saying; “Go Girl, Go! Go Man, Go! You can make it, you can do it!”  Through all of life’s changes, and transitions He is always right there! He is all strength, He is all hope, and He will be the one whose arms we will finally transition into as our earthly bodies perish and our immortal spirits and bodies unite with Him. There is no fear in the transitions of life and death in Him because we are His dearly beloved, and He is so good. This love and acceptance is beyond our imagination.

So as we end this newsletter and transition for one more month may Grace and Peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus Christ our Lord.

All our love,



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