Hidden Words Discovered Within the Bible!

Hidden Words Discovered Within the Bible!

 A minister was sitting beside the bed of a close friend one evening while the friend shared with the minister one of his most cherished psalms.  They had discussed many of the treasures they had found within that psalm when suddenly a revelation of the true meaning of the psalm came over him.  “Why did I never see the rich meaning of that psalm before?”  He said.  The man was almost beside himself for being dull of vision, or careless in his understanding for not having seen what now was so obvious to him.  “I have read that psalm hundreds of times,” he said.  “These sweet thoughts were there in the verses all the while, but I never saw them until now.  Why was it?  Did God mean to hide them from me?”

The minister pointed to the window left open near the bed and had his friend look up at the stars.  “The stars are in the sky all day, but we cannot behold them until night comes.”  He said,   “They are not hidden because God seeks to keep them from us, but because we must be brought into a certain condition before we can receive them.”

The friend could not have seen the precious jewels hidden in the psalm six months before then.  At that time his friend was healthy, active, swift in movement, strong, with no consciousness of the weakness that was soon to overtake him and was hopeful and expectant of the days that lay ahead.

What he needed in the days of health and wholeness he had before him but now in his time of affliction he needed the comfort for weakness, strength to endure pain patiently, grace to enable him to readjust his life to its new conditions, and assurance of His Everlasting Love.  When he was in perfect health he did not need these special revelations but now he did and the treasure was brought forth.

Invisible Words Found in Time!

In the days of our youth we read the Bible with no care, no sense of weakness, no consciousness of need.  Life is good and the promises that lay before us fill our hearts with expectancy and hope.  The invisible words are there of course but the carefree youth does not linger over such words because the heart finds no need for them now.

But the years have passed and the young person become ill, or perhaps the youth is now a strong young man and now finds himself standing beside the bed where his child lay sick.  Now he is ready for some new Bible verses.  He needs some of the comfort that has been hidden from him in the words of God.  “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1

In the sunny days of our lives we have no need of a refuge from the storms of life.  But when weakness and fear comes upon us we seek such a place of refuge from the storms that assail us on every side.  And in that time of seeking a place to hide we open the word and before us is the open door of promise, a place where we find warmth, shelter, love and safety.

When we had our own strength and the companionship of friends we found ourselves to be self-sufficient and the words, “an ever-present help in trouble” had no personal meaning for us.  But now things are different and the assurance that God is an ever-present help has special meaning.

Discovering  the Hidden Treasures!

There are many precious promises for those who are tempted but until you are in the grip of temptation those words have no special meaning to you.  There are tender promises for the widow; but while the woman has

her husband by her side, healthy and whole these words are yet closed storehouses to her.  They cannot be her words till she wears the badge of widowhood, and sits by the coffin of her husband or alone in her home during the days that follow.

There are precious words for orphan children but while the children have a both father and mother with them and are living in the warmth of a loving home they cannot draw upon these words found in Psalm 27:10, “When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up.”

There are loving promises for the years that lay ahead when the crown of white hair surrounds our heads but in our youth or mid-life we cannot understand them.  “Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.”  But only those who have experienced sorrow can they find the deep meaning hidden within those words.

“Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled.”  But first there must be hunger and thirst before there can be a heart filling experience.

There are words within the Bible that are waiting to be unearthed, ready for the moment we have need of them.  That is why the word of God will never be exhausted.  You may read it over and over again and still you will find something rich and fulfilling each time that satisfies that which gives you what your soul longs for.

The reason is this, we are growing in experience, and every new experience develops new needs, and brings us to new revelations.  The blessings of each day are locked up within that day.  God watches us, and at the right moment has ready the blessing for the moment.

It is the Glory of God to conceal a matter;

Let me go back to the man at the beginning of this paper who was lying on the bed.  When the man was first sick the experience seem mysterious to him and he was alarmed.  Even though the experience was new and painful, he began to receive new blessings of the hidden treasures found within God’s word.

For one thing he began to experience such love from those in his own home.  His father and mother, sisters, brothers all began to come and want to spend time being with him and they even vied for who would care for him.  The love was all there before in the hearts of his father, mother, sisters and brothers, they loved him no more than they had before, but when he was healthy the love had never shown itself as it did now when he lay among the pillows, white and weak and suffering.

Before he never knew that he had so many friends outside of his home.  There were always those who expressed kindness to him but now there seemed to be more than he ever had imagined showing in their own way that he had somehow touched their lives and they were all the better for it.  The Bible was new and fresh before him and the precious stones of new revelation were easily mined.  And of course the friendship of Christ was so close and real to him.

So it is continually in life.  The things we dread, the losses, the sorrows, the adversities can bring us to new heights in receiving and understanding His love and faithfulness.  It is in human weakness that God’s strength is made perfect.  There is a special reserve of Divine goodness, whose supply will adequately meet all the needs of the hour.  We need never fear of living in a place in which we are left alone or abandoned without hope.  He is always with us, ever-present in His abiding comfort and peace beyond our human understanding.  “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.” Proverbs 25:1

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