I was tired, 7 meetings in 5 days will do that to you and if you are the entire prayer team then you notice that you will often have to pray for everyone, and sometimes twice. I had worked my way to the back of the church and had just prayed for the fifth person each of whom I thought was going to be the last when I felt a tap upon my sleeve.

She stood hesitantly before me not really sure of how to say what was on her heart.  After a time of looking downward at her shoes her head slowly came up and she started talking before her eyes made it all the way to mine. She said, “When you prayed for me I felt the presence of God but I also had this feeling of something crawling on the side of my face.  What do you think it means?”

Tired as I was her using the term “crawling on the side of my face,” made me sure that at least that part of what she had experienced was not of God. For some reason I asked her if she had any un-forgiveness toward anyone. She shook her head and told me no.  I then asked if I could pray for her again and she told me that it would be all right.  As I prayed for her I could see the signs of God’s presence upon her.  She had the quivering lips and eyelids and the peaceful look that often accompanies the Holy Spirit on someone.

After a while I stopped and asked her how she was feeling.  She said, “I can feel the Lord but after a while I began to feel something crawling on my skin.”  Since it was late and going through an interview process with her would take us long into the night I asked her if this was her church.  She said, “Yes,” so I asked if she had been to the pastors for any counseling. She said she had and they had taken her through a lot of deliverance.

Well, that made me understand a lot more but I still knew it would take a while so I asked her if I could set up an appointment with the Pastor and his wife for her as I had to catch an early flight back home the next morning.  She said; “That would be fine.”

As I turned to go over to the pastor something inside of me made me turn back and before I had time to think words were already coming out of my mouth, “Who slapped you violently across the face!”  I said it quietly but there was an authority behind the voice that amazed even me. I had no idea that I was about to say those words nor did I have a reason to even begin to say them to her.  Before I had time to wonder about all of that I began to witness an unbelievable phenomena that was unfolding before me.  The young ladies face was going through a series of distortions.  I could see the reaction in the physical to what must have happened in the spiritual to her. A succession of spirits starting with shock, then fear, then pain, then anger, then revenge started to manifest upon her face one right after the other.  It was literally like a succession of physical hits to her spirit that must have happened simultaneously to her when she was physically struck.

So fast was this picture that I had to work as rapidly as I could to pull her out of where she was going.  I had been around enough people that have manifested demonically that I knew where she was going and if I didn’t work fast I would be having a full-blown demonic manifestation happening here within seconds.  I immediately called out her name, over and over I told her to focus on Jesus and call out to him.  Letting her know that I was here and Jesus was here and for her to gain control.  To push back the accusations, the fear, shock, pain, to push it back and focus in on Jesus the lover of her soul.  I left no room for the demonic to react, I kept pushing her to focus and gain control of herself, still at times I thought I was losing her as she almost stumbled and fell but finally her eyes became clearer, she blinked a couple of times and I knew she was back.  No one but the catcher behind her knew what was happening.  My voice was calm and normal except for the sentence I had spoken to her at the beginning.  Even that was not loud but was given with authority.  The look on the catchers face was interesting to observe, it took him longer to be able to speak than the woman.  I could see that he was totally overwhelmed by what he had just witnessed.  You won’t have to convince him that the demonic is real.

I looked at her and said, “Well it looks like we know what the problem is?” At that still dazed she nodded her head and followed me over to the pastor’s wife to make an appointment for the next day.  As I talked with them they told me that she had gone through a very physical abusive divorce.

What happened to me is what we call “inspired speech”, a time when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you speak out the words of God.  I do not do it often but it does happen.  Mostly when I am to tired to resist or think to much, it really helps when you have been in the spirit for long periods of time.  Being immersed in God is always good for inspired speech.  It works like a word of knowledge for healing and some people operate in it more frequently than others.

Well tonight was interesting and good, the young lady will be free tomorrow and all is well. Like they say, “spot um, got um!”  That group of demons was spotted and now they will be gotten rid of, no hiding now.

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