Ministry Update

Keys to Kingdom Liviny
Volume 13 – Issue 156          Sept. – 2015

What a whirlwind of amazing events has transpired in the past few months. First our daughter Krista, her husband Jason and their three children, Jonah, Ezra and Anastasia moved back to the US from Kenya where they had been living for the past six years.  Soon afterwards we were in Nashville speaking at the Voice of the Apostles conference along with Reinhard Bonnke, Bill Johnson, Dr. Rolland and Heidi Baker, Leif Hetland, Joseph Garlington, John Arnott and Randy Clark. The conference attendance was over six thousand paid registrants and Michael W. Smith was the worship leader for the first half of the conference.        

We were honored to speak at two of the afternoon breakout sessions.  Both times the rooms were packed with people and the ministry time afterwards was powerful.  We stacked all the chairs up on the sides and still we ran out of room to pray for everyone so we had to line them up out in the hallways.  It was a great blessing to see that many of those touched by God had told their friends and spouses who then came the next day to listen to the message Rex gave on ‘Our Father’s Heart’ and to receive prayer themselves.

We also finished our third book, ‘When The Fire Falls’ and one that we are really excited about.  For twenty years we have had people from all over the world ask us when we were going to write a book about the things we have seen and experienced.  Many of you who receive this letter are going to recognize the places and meetings we shared about and for you it will have a very special meaning.

Randy Clark who wrote the foreword for the book said, When the Fire Falls is an amazing account of the work of the Holy Spirit, written by Rex and Lois Burgher, who are great at telling their story and the story of revival. They deal with so much in the book: power, healing, impartations, deliverance, manifestations, prophecy, words of knowledge, and a general sense of the excitement in the very atmosphere of revival.

I met Rex and Lois Burgher in 1999, and shortly thereafter they were with me on one of my first international trips to Latin America. As I learned about their experiences with God, I was quite intrigued. John Wimber had taught me to pay attention to the people that God’s Spirit comes upon in a powerful way. When I heard how God so powerfully touched them that for six months they would wake each other up during the night due to their bodies shaking so hard, I knew to take notice of what God wanted to do with them.  

Over time, I developed a closer relationship with Rex and Lois, feeling like God had put them into my life supernaturally. I was impressed with their hunger for God and asked them to travel with me.  Shortly afterwards they moved their family to St. Louis where my family lived at the time. We continued to travel the world together, and during the time Rex traveled with me I experienced some of the most powerful meetings in my life. He was with me when I met some of the most powerful ministers in the world. This was a golden time in my itinerate ministry that began in 1994. 

I loved reading ‘When the Fire Falls’. It is the kind of book I like to read, biographical, yet with insights, and with details of the activity of the Holy Spirit, including His manifestations. I believe people who are hungry to know more about the ways of the Holy Spirit and His power will both enjoy and learn a lot from When the Fire Falls.

For three years, Rex continued to travel with me, until I felt there was nothing more I could teach him. He had heard my teachings so many times he could tell you the next sentence before I said it. I felt it was time for Rex to take the impartation he had received from God, and the knowledge and experience he had gained during those years of assisting me, and begin his own ministry, along with Lois who was in her own right an excellent teacher. 

I want to not only highly recommend When the Fire Falls to you as an excellent read, a well-told story told by both Rex and Lois, but I also want to recommend them to you. They have passed the test of time with integrity, humility, continued anointing, and wisdom. Here is a couple that is in pursuit of God, true God chasers, truly laid-down lovers of Jesus.

If you love revival, you will love this book. May you be greatly blessed by the insights, the stories, and the anointing that is on this book. I encourage you to buy When the Fire Falls, and I pray it falls on you while reading the book.”

Come Holy Spirit – Light the Fire Again!

Dr. Randy Clark

We have included a flyer in this mailing that will tell you how you can order your own copy of the book and we have discounted it 25% for our friends.  Many of you were in some of the same meetings that we have written about and will be pleasantly surprised by what you will read.  If you know of others who may be interested tell them about it and either purchase one for them or give them the coupon information and they too can enjoy the journey into the fire of God.

Our friend Bishop Joseph Garlington, Sr. said this about the book, “I downloaded the manuscript to When The Fire Falls, by Rex and Lois Burgher a few hours ago. I just finished reading it, because–I couldn’t put it down! A line from the movie Field of Dreams, reminds us that “…We miss the most significant moments of our lives while they are happening to us.” This book will produce a longing, a hunger and a desire to either return to a season you once enjoyed, or the desire for one you’ve always wanted. When The Fire Falls is instructive, insightful and inspiring. You will find your appetite whetted for revival and the need to press into the Father’s love. I’ll read it again.”

May His presence and holy fire fill us to overflowing continually as we are transformed by His great unfathomable love and power.



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