Our Story – ‘When The Fire Fell’

Keys to Kingdom Liviny
Volume 13 – Issue 156      August – 2015

Our Story – ‘When The Fire Fell.’

For years, we have wanted to write a book telling of our adventure with God. Everything that took place affected us individually, as a couple, and as a family. To be a part of such a glorious and powerful visitation of God is a privilege we hold dear to our hearts.

Our journey allowed us to share in some incredible mountaintop moments, but we also experienced times of great sorrow and frustration. Some of you who may read this book may have been in the same meetings but may have experienced something entirely different. We understand how that can happen and respect you for what you experienced, but this is what we saw and felt. It is an accurate portrayal of the truth, as we experienced it. We pray this book gives God all the glory and honor that is due his Holy name and creates in every reader a desire for ‘More of God.’

From the first time we read in the book of Acts about what happened when the ‘fire fell,’ our hearts longed to experience a visitation of His presence. It was not long into our Christian walk that we were given a book about the Azusa Street Revival, the beginning of the modern day Pentecostal Movement. To know that times of refreshing still came upon the church was exhilarating and, from that moment, we longed to be a part of one. The seed planted in us at that time came to fruition, and we found ourselves in the midst of a mighty move of His presence. Our dream came true.

We did not come into this move as Pentecostals, not even as Charismatics, but most definitely as people who desired more of God. When the fire of God’s presence fell upon our family, we questioned everything that happened to us and read as much as we could on the subject. We journeyed to meetings to listen and watch, asked questions and searched the scriptures to see if this was a legitimate move of the Holy Spirit.  Our search in all of this opened our eyes to see our God in the light of His transforming power to save, to heal, to deliver and to pour out His unfathomable love in ways we struggle to express in words.

In that search, we found a book called The History of American Revivals, which included an account by Rev. Barton W. Stone, a Presbyterian minister. Stone traveled across Kentucky in the spring of 1801 to attend a camp meeting, to see for himself the marvelous things that God had wrought. His story foretells our heart in sharing our own experience:

There, on the edge of a prairie in Logan County, Ky., the multitudes came together and continued a number of days and nights encamped on the ground, during which time worship was carried on in some part of the encampment. The scene was new to me and passing strange. It baffled description. Many, very many, fell down as men slain in battle, and continued for hours together in an apparently breathless and motionless state, sometimes for a few moments reviving and exhibiting symptoms of life by a deep groan or piercing shriek, or by a prayer for mercy fervently uttered. After lying for hours, they obtained deliverance. The gloomy cloud that had covered their faces seemed gradually and visibly to disappear, and hope, in smiles, brightened into joy. They would rise, shouting deliverance, and then would address the surrounding multitude in language truly eloquent and impressive. With astonishment did I hear men, women, and children declaring the wonderful works of God and the glorious mysteries of the gospel. Their appeals were solemn, heart penetrating, bold, and free. Under such circumstances, many others would fall down into the same state from which the speakers had just been delivered.

Two or three of my particular acquaintances from a distance were struck down. I sat patiently by one of them, whom I knew to be a careless sinner, for hours, and observed with critical attention everything that passed, from the beginning to the end. I noticed the momentary reviving’s as from death, the humble confession of sins, the fervent prayer, and the ultimate deliverance; then the solemn thanks to God, and affectionate exhortation to companions and to the people around to repent and come to Jesus. I was astonished at the knowledge of gospel truth displayed in the address. The effect was that several sank down into the same appearance of death. After attending to many such cases, my conviction was complete that it was a good work – the work of God; nor has my mind wavered since on the subject. Much did I see then, and much have I seen since, that I consider to be fanaticism; but this should not condemn the work. The devil has always tried to ape the works of God, to bring them into disrepute; but that cannot be a Satanic work which brings men to humble confession, to forsaking sin, to prayer, fervent praise and thanksgiving, and to a sincere and affectionate exhortation to sinners to repent and come to Jesus the Savior.
from The History of American Revivals by Frank G. Beardsley (pages 91-93)

The book we have written is our attempt to describe the supernatural events that we experienced. There were times the noise from the congregation was so loud as the Holy Spirit moved upon people that a person could not hear the speaker, no matter how loud the technicians turned up the volume. People shook, cried, laughed, vibrated and swayed as the Holy Spirit passed over them. Such is the scene we will try to paint for you in the pages of this book. If you have experienced a similar move, we pray you will hunger and thirst for those times to return. If you have not, we ask God to birth a desire in you to experience His presence as He moves upon His people.

Experiencing a visitation of the Holy Spirit will explode your senses as you witness the inexplicable entrance of the King of Kings into your midst.

In a couple of months this book will be published, it has gone through its editing phase and is being circulated to our friends for their endorsements.  Once that is done it will be typeset and published and we will let you know when it will be available.

With Much Thankfulness and Love to all of you for your prayers and support through the years,


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