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The Power of His Compassion Made Manifest in a Tear!

A story is told of a house of ill repute where there lay a poor woman whose body was racked with the diseases common to her profession.  Various Christian workers had visited her and spoke to her of her need for salvation.  But the words fell on deaf ears.  She was unmoved and untouched by… Read More ›

Sometimes there’s more to life than what’s on the surface!

Ten years ago we flew to Europe to take part in our first European ministry trip.  Our flight took us over Iceland and I remember looking down from the plane at these rather huge chunks of ice floating in the water below.  Even from such a great distance in the air they still looked quite… Read More ›

Have You Met the Wrestling Angel?

Of all the angels mentioned in the Bible this angel is one you will meet at some point in your life and the outcome of that meeting will make all the difference.  But to really understand the importance of this angel we must go to Genesis 32: 22-30 where we get our first real glimpse… Read More ›

I’d like a do-over on that Change/Transparency thing!

If there were two words that captured the essence of our political, economical and spiritual climate in 2008 they would be the words ‘change and transparency.’  It was plastered across every banner, found behind every political candidate, and laced throughout the words of almost every prophetic voice.  It became the mantra of 2008 and now… Read More ›


I heard a commentator, just before the two candidates came out to begin their debate, describe them both as being the worst candidates in the history of our country to have ever run for the office of President of the United States.  Sadly, this does not seem to faze either of the two candidates but… Read More ›

Carrying Your Burden

Once upon a time there was a Christian man who was walking along a road, carrying a very heavy burden.  Soon a vehicle pulled alongside of him and the driver kindly offered to help him on his journey.   The Christian accepted the offer but when seated in the vehicle, continued to bend beneath his burden,… Read More ›

Making The Choice – Comfort or Character

Victor Frankl was a psychiatrist and a Jew.  The Nazis imprisoned him in the death camps of World War II Germany, where he experienced things so repugnant to a normal person’s sense that he could scarcely reduce them to words. Frankl’s parents, brother, and wife died in the camps or were murdered in the gas… Read More ›

Is The United States on Trial?

Blind Eyes and Deaf Ears Two things stood out to me this past month that I found interesting and I sensed were prophetically tied together.  One was an old movie I watched on Turner Classic Movies called, Judgment at Nuremberg, which loosely follows an actual trial that took place in Nuremberg.  The plot centers, around… Read More ›


Suddenly!           I was tired, 7 meetings in 5 days will do that to you and if you are the entire prayer team then you notice that you will often have to pray for everyone, and sometimes twice. I had worked my way to the back of the church and had just prayed for the… Read More ›

Journey Down The River

Journey Down The River,  by Rex Burgher          Since 1995 I have had the privilege of living in an incredible experience of God’s manifest presence. When we were touched by God so powerfully at that time we literaly shook under the anointing for months and months. Visions and dreams along with amazing opportunities to pray… Read More ›

Am I Crazy If I Talk To Myself?

Volume 13 – Issue 167               August 2016 Am I Crazy If I Talk To Myself? The other day I was sitting at a red light when I looked over and noticed this guy in the car next to me talking a mile a minute, while being very animated.  The only problem was there was no… Read More ›

Mastering The Art of Living

Mastering the art of living!  The art of living is the least learned of all the arts.   One may say we have learned the art of how to exist in great comfort, of somehow getting by with all the demands that life has to offer, but we know little about the art of living, about… Read More ›

Hidden Words Discovered Within the Bible!

Hidden Words Discovered Within the Bible!  A minister was sitting beside the bed of a close friend one evening while the friend shared with the minister one of his most cherished psalms.  They had discussed many of the treasures they had found within that psalm when suddenly a revelation of the true meaning of the… Read More ›

Wake up Jesus! Don’t you know we’re drowning here!

Mark 4:35, “Wake up Jesus, don’t you know we’re drowning here!” The waves were breaking over the stern of the boat, I had never seen a storm so angry nor a sea so bent on destroying my life.  I was lost to everything but the moment, survival was all that was on my mind and… Read More ›

Smith Wigglesworth and New Zealand’s Greatest Revival

Smith Wigglesworth and New Zealand’s Greatest Revival by H. V. Roberts (Purchase this book through our bookstore or Amazon.com, TODAY!) After the great Campaign a party of us took our beloved brother to the Marlborough Sounds for a well earned rest.  Walking along the sea shore one evening I asked him the secret of his… Read More ›

Journey To Your Kingdom Destiny

“Journey To Your Kingdom Destiny’ by Rex Burgher  (Get it today from our bookstore or from Amazon.com)                 Purchase now for $15.00 + Free S/H within USA God always has a plan!  A plan for your life that is so unique that the place in which you were born, the era in which you live, and… Read More ›

Our Father’s Heartbeat

Our Father’s Heartbeat by Rex Burgher.  (Go to our Bookstore or purchase it on Amazon today!)     $15.99 + Free S/H USA Deep within the heart of man is the desire to love and be loved. That love was birthed within man at the beginning of time by a Father whose desire was to have a… Read More ›

When The Fire Falls

‘When The Fire Falls’ by Rex & Lois Burgher.  (Purchase it today from our bookstore or at Amazon.com)            $15.00 + Free S/H USA Our newest book by Rex and Lois Burgher.  People falling over. Holy laughter sweeping a room.  A power outage that shut down a city – but protected an intimate confession time for… Read More ›

Keys to Kingdom Living

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In Harm’s Way

Volume 13 – Issue 166                July – 2016 The Navy in wartime uses an expression of ships that sail into danger as being ‘in harm’s way.’  This has never been more applicable than now for our country.  If we continue to depart from God’s way we will soon… Read More ›

America in Crisis

It would be difficult to find anyone who is not concerned about the state of our country.  Year after year it seems as if our elected politicians and our government bureaucrats have given up on accomplishing anything that will be a benefit to those they are serving and have resigned themselves to existing in a… Read More ›

Experiencing Fresh Fire!

We are encouraged and excited to hear the reports and to have personally experienced first hand the fire of revival and the power of God as it increases throughout our land. There is a sense and a stirring among many that there is another wave of God’s presence coming upon us. It is upon our… Read More ›

Character is not a FOUR Letter Word!

I read an account the other day from a man who had the good fortune to be sitting with General Grant when a major-general in full uniform appeared and looking around he said with a twinkle in his eye; “Boys, I have a good story to tell.  I hope there are no ladies present.”  ‘No!”… Read More ›

Understanding Spiritual Warfare, Pt. 3

Jesus came to reveal God’s relationship to man as well as man’s relationship to man. Without that revelation we would not have a clear understanding of His person, His character or His teaching.  However that is not all Jesus revealed to us!  He also revealed to mankind the spiritual forces that oppose us and in… Read More ›

Understanding Spiritual Warfare, Pt. 2

In last month’s newsletter we went over how satan, for the time being, reigns as ruler of this world.  Jesus refers to satan, (John 12:31) as the “ruler of this world” and later Paul states in (2 Cor. 4:4) that the “god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelieving.”  We know from… Read More ›