Pentecost, Sunday – Kalispell, MT

Keys to Kingdom Liviny
Volume 12 – Issue 155            July – 2015

Pentecost, Sunday—Kalispell, MONTANA

In May of 1995, the Holy Spirit touched Lois and I in a very dramatic and powerful way.  Five years later, in 2000 we left our home in Montana to be a part of Global Awakening ministry in St. Louis, MO. For three years, beginning in 1999 we traveled the world with healing/evangelist Randy Clark touching the lives of thousands with the power of revival fire.  In 2002, we felt released from working directly with Global Awakening to begin our own ministry, which became Kingdom Life Ministry.

It has been 20 years since that wonderful time of our visitation.  Twenty years of faithfulness to the call upon our lives, of experiencing joys and sorrows as we faced the challenges before us; twenty years of seeing thousands of lives transformed and from hearing testimonies of healings and changed lives from around the world.  God has always been with us, helping us through both the good and the difficult times, giving us Godly direction as we continue to say ‘yes’ to the call upon our lives.

We were especially blessed, this past Pentecost weekend, May 22 -24th to be hosted by Pastors Dan & Karen Sandler of the Dwelling Place Church, to come and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the outpouring in Kalispell, Montana.  Since we were used by God and instrumental in bringing the revival into the valley during Pentecost week back in May of 1995 we all felt it was significant that we return and ‘Light the Fire’s Again!

The good news is that the fires have been relit and the blaze of His presence is burning brightly once again in the Flathead Valley in Montana. We reconnected with old friends and saw them come alive with the love of God.  What a blessing to see those once touched powerfully by the power of Pentecost to come into their inheritance of being fire starters themselves and now holding weekly meetings.  God is so good.  We look forward to going back and encouraging them and to give as well as to receive from them.

Cane Ridge Revival, Kentucky

Just an hour’s drive from Freedom’s Way Church in Hodgenville, Kentucky is the place where the Cane Ridge Revival took place in the 1800’s.  As students of revival the privilege to walk the grounds of the place where God chose to pour out His Spirit in such a powerful way was very special to us and our being asked by Pastor John Lear to come and speak on revival at his church was an added blessing.

Pastor John contacted us some months ago asking us to come and speak at his church.  He was at a meeting that Randy Clark was having in Atlanta and got a chance to ask Randy if he knew of anyone who would come to his small church and impart what Randy carried to his congregation.  Pastor John said that Randy, without any hesitation mentioned us as the couple he would recommend.  We were excited to work out all the logistics and on June 5 – 7th we held three meetings at their small Pentecostal Church.

The meetings were powerful and God came and touched many within his church.  After the first night’s meeting we had a few come forward and give their testimonies of the previous meeting.  One young man who was our catcher told of how he asked for prayer because of his consistent lower back pain.  We prayed for him and asked him how his back felt after twisting it from side to side and as he bent over a big smile broke out on his face as he proclaimed that he felt no pain at all.  He said he awoke the next morning wondering if his back was still healed, jumped out of bed and twisted and bent over in every direction he could think of and felt ‘no pain’ at all.  He was so excited but he said that the best thing that happened was not just his back but that he felt a peace inside of him that had never been there before and for him that was as or more important than his back being healed.

A pastor who lived a couple of hours away found out about the meetings, he had never met the pastor nor had he ever heard of us.  He went to our website, liked what he read and called Pastor John and told him he was coming.  He did not introduce himself when he came but Pastor John thought a person sitting in one of the pews was him, and watched as he came to receive prayer.  Not knowing anything about the circumstances surrounding his coming we asked God to bless him and before we could say anything else he fell backwards onto the floor.  Two hours later Pastor John looked at me and asked what should he do, he wanted to lock up the church and go home but the guy was still laying there.  After another half hour it was decided that the pastor on the floor, when he felt he could get up again would shut the lights off and lock the door when he left.  The next day he called Pastor John and told him he will never forget that night or what God did to change him while he laid upon the floor at Freedom’s Way Church.  Many other testimonies were given and we have been asked to return and we hope to do so.

Eye Report

Many of you know that in January the retina in my right eye became detached.  I saw an eye specialist that day and the next morning I went in for emergency surgery to repair the eye.  After the 2 ½ hour procedure they pumped oil into my eye, told me to lay face down for two days and on my left side for five days to ensure the retina would properly heal.  The oil was to remain in my eye for six months, if everything healed properly.  However, two weeks ago a complication occurred for no apparent reason and further repairs will have to be made and additional oil pumped back into my eye.  Hopefully in two more months the eye will be sufficiently healed to take the oil out for good.  Right now the Doctor is hoping to save my central vision in my eye, which I agree would be a very good thing.

So your prayers would be greatly appreciated for a total restoration of my eye.  Please pray for a creative miracle to take place and the places where there is permanent eye damage to be restored.

May you know and experience His presence in ever-increasing measures and be filled to overflowing with His love and grace.  Thank you for your prayers and financial support which enable us to continue to minister.

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